July 16, 2016

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    • W120
    • Shiny black
    • 120*152*59 cm
    • W123
    • Shiny white
    • 151*59*123cm
    • W126
    • Shiny black
    • 151*59*126cm
    • W130
    • black
    • 151*65*130cm


The piano brand “Wendl & Lung” dates from 1910, with hundreds of production and four generations of family piano production tradition.

Research and application of a series of techniques and skills, such as German FFW hammer and felt, imported Russia's Siberian solid wood scales spruce soundboard, patented aluminum alloy central disk, imported keyboard felts from the UK, mahogany hammer and so on, all reflect Wendl & Lung’s rigid pursue in piano manufacturing and responsibility for music lovers.